Ashdown WWII Camp The only group of Military Vehicle enthusiasts to have a unique WWII Camp

Ashdown WWII Camp is a 40 acre site, with a lot of the buildings being rescued from within the Vale of Evesham comprising of: 

ARP Warden's portable armoured 'Consol' shelter x2
Anderson air raid shelters x2
Anti-tank cylinders x13
Anti-tank blocks rescued from Abbey Road Bridge in Evesham x 26
Armoury nissen hut * (Showtime only)

Guard hut 
Hercules engine from a Stirling Bomber(on loan from Midland Warplane Museum)
Home Front Nissen with 1940's Bedroom, Kitchen & Dining Room 
Morrison shelters x2
Nissen huts x12 with various displays
Operations Room, RAF 
Pickett Hamilton Fort re-located to battle arena
Post Office / shop
RAF Mess Hut
Radio shack
Railway freight box/cars with displays x3
Replica pillbox
Searchlights 90cm x2
Sentry posts with barriers
Stanton air raid shelter, complete with light & sound effects
‘The Cooler’ ex-British Waterways Diglis Locks WW2 guard-shelter
Wellington Bomber wing sections (on loan from Midland Warplane Museum)
All overlooked by the watch tower
Plus lots of other atmospheric displays &  memorabilia

New for 2017.